Srinivasa Kalyanam

A movie or a story can be about anything. You can talk anything under the roof, but you need to understand that film has a different language to a novel and a small story. Sometimes filmmakers even though they are proven they fail to understand this.

Plot : Srinivasa Raju (Nithiin) is a do-good only type of person and his strength is to understand people by thinking in their perspective. Sridevi (Raashi Khanna) does small jobs to get on with life and this makes him think she is a middle-class girl.

But she turns out to be multi-millionaire Ramakrishna’s (Prakash Raj) daughter. She proposes to Srinivas and they decide to get married. Ramakrishna values time and not relationships. So, will he accept Srinivas? Watch the movie for the answer.

Performances : Nithiin improved a lot in his dialogue delivery but his body language still needs to improve. He looked his best in the movie and delivered one of his best performances.

Raashi Khanna is reduced to look pretty after giving her character a decent start. Nandita Swetha comes up with goods but lack of command on language harmed her.

Rajendra Prasad, Naresh come together rarely on screen and their combination is criminally underused. Jayasudha, Prakash Raj, Sithara, Vidyuraman, Praveen, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Giribabu make their presence felt.

Technicalities : Sameer Reddy’s visuals have beauty but lack any depth or meaning. This movie needed some undertones to go with but rather he just concentrates on beauty than meaning.

Mohan is a good wedding video editor. Because the movies feel like a lengthy wedding video, we have to say that he was adequate for the job.

Dil Raju seems to have taken a responsibility upon him to deliver a social message to younger generations about different things. His intentions might be good but he needs a film, not a video that randomly babbles what he wants to say.

Mickey J Mayer’s music is really wasted in this film. Lack of good situations harms his songs and even the lackluster scenes dilute his good background score.

Satish Vegnesna needs to understand that the movies are major entertainers and not just simple social message driving vehicles. He also needs to understand that films need to show things than just tell. In this film, he creates plastic situations and characters to suit his message rather than organically building it and delivering it.

Analysis : When you are asked to walk into a theatre to watch a film, you expect it to moderately or thoroughly entertain you. Rather if we get a life lesson that too which has been established clearly in first 5 minutes of the film start, you feel a huge drag going on in front of you. The greatness of Anaganaga Oka Raju (Once there lived a King) format of storytelling is that you don’t expect next scene and if you like it, you want to hear it again and again, because it soothes you and makes you fall asleep.

Same way, this film after the first 5 minutes feels like a repeat of the same story with different situations and similar kind of people. Marriage and culture are definitely great but situations differ with different people. Just saying it is a celebration and trying to give reasons for it makes an argument, not a film!

Rating : 2/5

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