Samantha didn’t know before commenting – Dil Raju

interacted with press today to celebrate the success of F2 and talked about his next project as well. He said that he is happy and confiden about Mahesh25, Maharshi. He stated that the movie is shaping up well and the team is positive.

He did not reveal much more than that. During the interaction one of the media persons, asked Raju about Samantha’s comment before signing 96 remake, that she feels nobody should touch a classic like SamanthaX and it shouldn’t be remade.

He giving due respect to Samantha’s opinion, said, “Samantha did not know complete truth about the project before making that comment. We approached the original director, discussed script after watching the film and then only took a decision to buy the rights.

I thought the movie will work even in Telugu, if I can find perfect casting and bring the same team to deliver the movie with similar emotions without changing too much. Let’s see, I am producing a remake for the first time and am hopeful about its success!”