Rangula Ratnam

Probably we may never be able to understand the similarly different love of our parents and love of our partner. They might be showing similar kind of concern and similar amount of love but while one feels like true love and the other one feels like suffocatingly weird clingy stuff. That big difference in the way we feel about the simple thing, love, is funny and if we really think about it, it is a bit egotistic too. Why so? Are we doing anything wrong?

Plot : Vishnu (Raj Tharun) loves his mother (Sitara) a lot. He makes it a point that she takes care of herself really well while she shares her concerns with him. All her world revolves around him and she wants to see him married and settled in life. But the kind of girls she finds for Vishnu don’t suit his taste or mentality.

One day, he sees Keerthy (Chitra Shukla) and tries to follow her annoyingly strict habits of following rules even though he doesn’t believe in them to impress her. Keerthy knows his real self and likes him even though she knows he is putting a facade. She even meets his mother and expressed her liking towards him. But still she cannot whole-heartedly accept him. When his mother dies all of sudden she decides to give the relationship a chance but after few days, Vishnu doesn’t want this relationship anymore. What are her insecurities before entering the relationship? What made Vishnu give up on them? Could they solve the differences amicably? If they could, how? Watch the movie at a theatre near you to find answers ..

Performances : Raj Tharun after almost two to three films, really tried to dig his teeth into a character and we can see his effort. He tries to fit into the world of the director than being a likeable version of Raj Tharun and that is a plus point of this romance. He needs to do these kind of roles many more to establish himself as a serious actor once again.

Chitra Shukla has expressive eyes and it would be great to see her use them more. Here she is either too rigid or too confused everytime rather than being lively yet restrictive. Sitara did well in her role and Priyadarshi is real star of the lot. All others get bits and pieces roles and they did their best in them.

Technicalities : Director of Photography, L.K. Vijay did a good job in providing the movie with cool looking visuals. But there is a slight lighting choice that he made which gave Hyderabad a look of Chennai rather than making it look like Hyderabad. This arises a nativity issue throughout the film.

Music by Sri Charan Pakala is ok for the movie but there are no songs that we take with us after the screening. His Back Ground score is good enough and adds value to the scenes but at times he loses his hold on the dramatisation of the scene, may be a choice of the director.

Editing by ace technician Sreekar Prasad is not completely crisp as he doesn’t really allow the movie to flow like a well structured narrative. The flow is highly rigid and it seems like the story stops at a point and then moves a step and then again moves two steps and stops and then same repeat till the end. He should have worked on that aspect more.

Writer and director, Sreeranjani took notes from her guru, Selva Raghavan and tried to imbibe his qualities into her story and writing style. While he has an absurd way and look at the society, it appears to come naturally for him and when you try to bring it into your writing, it needs to be as original as well.

But Sreeranjani misses out on that aspect and while making a Telugu native movie, she brings in more Tamil native aspects too into it. As a result there is a basic disconnect and a forced emotional feel in the scenes. Anyways, she brings in quality entertainment to the story and we should appreciate that in a new comer.

Analysis : Love in our life is experienced at two states. Once, when our parents try to guide us through out our growth years and shape us as the persons we become and next with a willing stranger becoming our world and partner. There is a slight difference in our attitude towards both of them and that makes our life heaven and hell, at the same time. Director deals with that point from two perspectives and it is a good weekend fun film for this festive season.

Rating : 2.5/5

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