Rajni’s Kaala gets bigger and bigger!

For a film, starting Rajnikanth as the lead, it can’t get bigger than that in South Indian Cinema. But Kaala, the Superstar’s latest movie after Robo sequel, 2.0 wishes to get bigger and better than what it is by leaps and bounds. The movie casts few of the greatest combinations we wish to see on screen like Nana Patekar with Rajnikanth and an exciting talent like Huma Qureshi with the star as well. The movie hopes to be one of the most exciting projects of South Cinema yet.

Along with casting Rajnikanth in a Don role situated in Mumbai after, Baasha the movie is also trying to bring in actors like Rajesh Tripathi who played great antagonist in Gangs of Wasseypur, Doosukeltha and many more. The actor looks at Rajnikanth as an idol and he wants to use the opportunity to the fullest to know the star and also get the experience of acting with such a legend. He did not think about listening the story first but when director insisted he listened to it and liked his character as well.

Along with such huge star cast, even Thalapathy reunion too could be on cards with this movie. Rajnikanth could be seen meeting friend Deva, Mammotty for the movie. The Malayalam superstar is in talks for the cameo and if talks go on fine, the actor will play the part! Isn’t Kaala getting bigger by the day? Dhanush the producer is also gearing up to release his VIP2 in July.

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