Rajni asks for distributors to show some sanity!

Rajnikanth made some sensational comments regarding distribution system and asked the distributors to not participate in a rat race and be clever before investing crores and crores on one film. He suggested producers to not run after money and kill the golden goose. She requested them to think reasonably before investing and selling a movie. Rather than increasing loses it it better to understand the market situation and invest, he expressed.

In Chennai, he attended his close friend Prabhu’s son Vikram Prabhu’s latest film, Neruppuda, audio event and expressed his views. These days he had been accused of selling his movies for unbelievable rates and when they are deemed irrecoverable, the actor had to try to compensate many a time. So distributors tried to suggest that big hero films should not be made more than at a certain limited budget and if they beyond, then producer should bare the brunt rather than distributors. In the vague of such demands and allegiations showing the losses incurred by his movies Lingaa and Kabali, Rajni replied to them in such way.

He also requested the reviewers to review the movie after the weekend on fourth day echoing the thoughts of Vishal who was present at the function. Even director Teja, made similar comments saying that producers are quoting certain figures that are ground breaking and unbelievable to say market is growing but no business market would that exponentially at such speed like the distributors and producers are claiming. He further said a new system where reasonable prices were paid based on marketability of story rather than actors. Now, it seems like Rajni too feels the same.

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