Only very few actors manage to reach the number of 25 films, in recent times and Gopichand managed to do so. From a struggling actor to recognizable mass hero, his journey is inspiring to talk about. So, his 25th film, Pantham, has any such inspiring qualities in it? Let’s find out

Plot :

Modern Day Robinhood, Veeru (Gopichand) with his friend (Srinivas Reddy) plans to rob the corrupt ministers. He cleverly plots against the big money that they exchange and let it go to the poor people. He mainly targets, Nayak (Sampath), the Home Minister.

He makes sure that Nayak has no option but to sit silent on the money lost but Nayak pushing him to a corner. When he plans and traps Veeru successfully, Veeru shares why did he so and emotionally bursts out in the court. What really happened in his life to take up such cause? Watch the movie to know more.

Performances :

Gopichand makes a partial impact with his performance in the film. He tries hard to make us believe that he is an action hero still but the cut and execution, never allows him to really shine. As an actor, these roles are his staple diet.

Mehreen Prizada seemed to have no clue about what she should really do in the film. Whether she has any role or she is a glam doll, even we will not have any clarity. Sampath leaves an impact. Others just do they work well.

Technicalities :

Prasad Murella, has a knack for delivering good frames at a fast pace. Here too, he just takes some good frames but there is no added depth or meaning to them. Even frames at times feel like randomly shot on spot than well planned and choreographed.

Gopi Sundar, he made noise and director thought they are tunes. Once again, he made some more noise and director thought it is background score. We cannot be that easily pleased, so we have to say we heard only noise, not music.

About editing of this film, one can only say that if there was a better version of the movie, then it was at forgotten at the editing table or was never written at all. Hence, we end up just watching some random footage edited as a movie.

Writer-Director, Chakravarthy, made no sense with his action scenes and the story being too old and routine, his twists did not help an audience member to connect with the film as much as he expected. The movie moves at a snail pace and almost trolls every action lover with its bad writing.

Analysis :

Making a commercial movie is not about following Dasari Narayana Rao’s films, or EVV Satyanarayana films or K. Raghavendra Rao style or SS Rajamouli frames or Shankar style of story. Filmmaking and that too making a commercial cinema are much bigger than that. You have to be inventive enough to mesmerize audience if you take an old story. Few good scenes can’t make for an experience and Pantham, seems like an exercise you have to complete because you bought the ticket.

Rating: 1/5