Nivetha Thomas wants to take up biopic challenge

Nivetha Thomas is happy with the response 118 could secure and she appreciated the efforts of KV Guhan and Nandamuri Kalyanram for the film. She also talked about her long breaks between the films.

Nivetha Thomas said, “I have a great interest in working for films but I do want to be part of good characters. I don’t want to waste my efforts in a bad movie or in a character that people won’t accept me, in!”

She then said about biopics, “No body had approached me for a biopic and I am eager to do something like that. Even though the character doesn’t have such mannerisms, if it has good depth, I believe, I can take such challenge and go forward!”

She is currently doing Sri Vishnu’s Brochevarevaru Ra and is in talks with two to three young filmmakers which she said she will announce, once things are concretely locked.