Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu

Posani Krishna Murali has become a selling point for many Telugu films these days. People are enjoying his loud comedy and there is no second thought in how he can perform an eccentric character. But still it is even difficult to shoulder a shoddily made goof ball films that do not really develope on the idea after having a good start up for inspiration. Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu falls in the same trap and here is why …

Story : Shilpa (Aditi Singh) is a clever software engineer. She has completed her masters in Information Technology and decided to put that all to a good use by converting a smart idea into a decent project. To improve on it and further develope it, they need funding and for that she explores the idea of starting a start-up. Her boy friend Shashank (Srikanth) helps her and within their own appartment they find aspiring engineers and register their company.

But they end up failing in their attempts due to varius reasons and end up meeting a 5000 crores IT company Mouri Tech owner, Dubey (Posani Krishna Murali). He takes them as his employees and promises them equal share to do their project. But suddenly he becomes a villain in the team’s life and they try to teach him a lesson by “Kidnapping” him. What do they do? Why do they react against him? What transpires after they kidnap and how it all ends? Watch it on screen …

Performances : All the actors other than people like Posani Krishna Murali, Brahmanandam, Pridhvi and Raghu Babu are new. They appear to be highly inexperienced in front of camera and that could have been corrected by the makers by putting up some workshops.

Alas, they just expose heroine’s cleavage and other body parts to a larger extent. Also, use another side plot to accelerate the main one but miss the point by a mile. We cannot really fault some aspiring actors who believe they are good enough to act in front of the camera with whatever little skill they have. So, we chose to not talk about their performances much more than this. Even the reliable actors like Pridhvi, Posani and Brahmanandam fail to tackle our funny bone.

Technicalities : The real culprits of this film are the story writer and director. Srikar Babu once again fails in handling a potential script. He tries hard to make us all believe that whomever he took to perform his characters are good enough actors and unnecessarily induces many songs in the narrative not really caring for the senses of the audience. He ends up making a disappointing film and we cannot even describe how bad the events are.

It is really ridiculous to assume audience to believe that a group of hackers are much more acquainted about technology than a multi-billion dollar company owner. If they do know more, doesn’t he really know what’s going on with him rather than becoming a buffoon for the laughs sake. It is ok to take liberties but he this is too far-fetched to even believe. Music director Sai Sreekanth seems to have taken money to play only one instrument and his use of violin and sarang in the back ground score is unintentionally funny. All other departments really did not ce up with any goods rather they goofed with even simple shots and scenes. This is an unintentionally comedy film but even bad at being that.

Analysis : It is good to make 100 films per year as many will be employed but the passionate filmmakers will be dying like this on everu Friday somehow unable to handle the pressures of producers or unable to rise up their bar due to budget restrictions and restricted know-how. May be it is better if they check with the kind of films they really want to make and find some one who can really fund their passion with good business sense than just wasting it up like this. Do you really want us to talk much more than this about the film?

Rating : 1/5