We all have our experiences that define our love to the metropolitan city, we live in. Even if he are from various places and do not know the language we do try hard to survive and successfully do it after a struggle or blend into the lifestyle without straight away as the ‘MahaNagaram’ doesn’t give us time to go in our own pace. Such kind of lives have crossed paths on one night, and it was tried to be said as a compelling story by Lokesh and his team, in Nagaram. Let’s see what they have said ..

PLOT : The movie explores a lover (Sandeep Kishan) who is deeply in love with HR at a IT company (Regina Cassandra). She has a problem in her life which she is not completely aware off and he takes an action that has major consequences on his life. In the mix of this, a guy (Shri) from Nellore who came for the job in the city. A taxi driver (Charlie) and the kid of a don (Madhusudhan), too unknowingly involve into the situations. What are the situations? How do these lives change in the 24 hours? Watch it on screen ..

Performances : Sandeep Kishan can walk through such kind of roles but he doesn’t seem to be completely invested in the movie. He does look too disinterested in the movie and with no proper character graph, his performance doesn’t match up to the realistic setting the director tried to create for the movie. Regina Cassandra looks very beautiful in the movie but her character does not have much pep in the movie than crying in few scenes and smiling.

Shri does have a well written character in the movie and he performs upto the point. Writing doesn’t help him much through but he does live upto the expectations of director with subtle changes in his body language. Charlie and Madhu live upto the characters they were given but at times due to confused writing their performances fall flat and seem too regular. All other actors perform well upto the characters and suit to them as well.

Technicalities : The film narration falls flat after a sensible start with various characters in the first scene. Mainly the characters of Regina, Sundeep and Shri were the crux of the story but after a point they seem to be connected disjointedly over the course of the runtime. Major problem lies in the writing of the young Lokesh, who tries to keep it real but the situations without proper characterization feel like a force exercise to them given by a mind that thinks out of box but doesn’t have conviction to maintain it out.

Cinematography by Selvakumar SK and editing by Philomin were in accordance to the film but their work was not credited enough by the writing. Even the sluggish pace adopted by the director to reveal the story does bring a predictability to the second hour. The emotional connectivity with the characters is missing in the whole narrative and you feel no urgency for them.

Analysis : The thought behind the story is good but execution falls flat. After watching the movie, one feels like what was the whole point in dragging a thirty mins screenplay to two hours seventeen minutes. If you’re thinking about watching the movie, wait for the home video release.

Rating : 2.5/5

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