Any movie that tries to be a horror thriller needs to make some logical sense as well. Few films don’t try to take it seriously and end up creating such a messy illogical film that fails to make any sense even in a senseless universe. These kind of subjects come from another multiverse to challenge the inner sanity of life in this universe or a cluster of multiverse.

Plot : Dora a dog of a 9 year old kid ends up taking an old antique car as a host for revenge. The car ends up with Parijatham (Nayantara) who takes an oath in front of her relatives to create a highly successful car rental service. She finds strength in the form of her loving single father, Ramayya (Thambi Ramayya). The antique car ends up in the backyard of Parijatham and thus ensue the revenge drama against thugs.

Performances : The film revolves around the star power of Nayantara and the actress tries her best to carry off the role on her able shoulders. But the support she needed to shoulder such an abysmal attempt lacked due to lacklustre writing on the part of director. She might have liked the idea behind making this film on paper but she would be definitely feeling unpleasant about the way it was executed. She has immense popularity for sure but that doesn’t warrant for a weak script. Thambi Ramayya and other supporting cast were wasted with scenes that never make sense. If one can only expect some kind of sanity from these makers, may be such unhealthy proposals might not take shape at any level.

Technicalities : To start with a decent enough technical aspect in the movie, one can say it was Cinematography, which doesn’t vouch for much. It is just for few scenes the lighting concepts of the Cinematographer, Dinesh work. He needs to even understand that lighting up a scene with a certain concept doesn’t mean just filling up the shot with background lights. Editing by Gopi Krishna should have been better as none of the concepts he worked on made any sense. At times his jumbled up cuts make you wonder if he understood the feel that the writer wanted to convey. Using fresh concepts of editing doesn’t mean giving up on basics.

Writer-Director, Doss Ramaswamy had on paper a good enough concept but his scenes and execution fails to give any justification to the depth in his concepts. Using an animal as the main story progressive tool, director tries to give a stylish makeover to Ramnarayan formula but fails in understanding the core basic of writing a strong enough protagonist character to route for.

Analysis : The film Dora tries to work on two levels of human sympathetic nerve, a damsel in distress and a love story of a pet with owner’s family. Trying to balance these these two elements with a weak storyline, the team of Dora misses the bus. It is important for makers to realise that showing a rape of a young immature kid is not at all acceptable on screen. On the whole, the film offers nothing new and definitely not a worth of your hard earned buck.

Rating : 2/5