Chal Mohan Ranga

Destiny plays a huge role in our Telugu and Indian mythology. Why two people meet and how the relationship develops between them is always a mystery. Even if the science has developed to such a stage where the brain can be mapped and entirely replaced, still we cannot predict how a person reacts to one situation. This has been the basic premise of many love stories and lets us talk about one more.

Plot : Mohan Ranga (Nithiin) wants to go to America by hook or crook. He finally gets to go to America as the caretaker of a dead body & its coffin. There he meets a person, Vilas (Madhusudhan) who helps him to find a sponsor and a job. But to get the sponsorship, he has to travel to a new place and in that travel, he gets to know Megha (Megha Akash) whom he met in a drunken state.

Megha and Mohan form a bond in that travel but they fear to give it a name. Even though they wish to meet each other and give their relationship a chance, their self-doubt doesn’t allow him to do so. After a year, Ranga decides to act on his intuition rather than logic. What happens next and how will destiny help them meet each other? Watch the movie for the answer…

Performances : Nithiin, in this movie, looked completely in sync with the story and character. His comic timing and his dancing styles have improved a lot but still, he is lacking a bit in emotional scenes. He needs to work on them to find much bigger and better films.

Megha Akash looked cute and performed well. But she is too blank and rigid in few scenes, that needs to be addressed by her. Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Madhu, Pammi Srinu, Satya did well to hold the comedy scenes. Pragati, Rohini Hattangidi are just there to fill up the screen. Lizzy did not impress much.

Technicalities : Natty aka Natarajan Subramaniam did give his best hand in creating a visually appealing narration for this love story. The setting of New York, Ooty have been explored well enough by him.

Editor, SR Sekhar did his best to keep the movie at the respectable pace. But the second hour had many filler scenes and the director needed to give him much better scenes to keep the run-time in check.

Music by S Thaman is good but few songs seem to be old tunes reworked by him. His BGM had heavy violins domination and seems to be a hangover he developed after Tholiprema.

Story by Trivikram Srinivas is highly predictable but still had some elements that can be developed into a good fun film. Using those elements, writer-director, Krishna Chaitanya tried to make an engaging and enjoyable film. But his dependency on comedy rather than creating an explosive romantic tale with two leads who have a good chemistry harms the story. Still, the movie worked well in parts. He needed to concentrate more on his story than comedy that had many misses than hits.

Analysis : Love stories are becoming too predictable these days. As the directors and story writers are trying to tell their romantic stories in a regular format, the films seem to have fixated on generating humor than emotions that truly help a romance to last long in audiences mind.

Chal Mohan Ranga too suffers due to this huge dependency on comedy. Had the writing could be even fresh in creating the best possible situations to improve on the romance and emotions, the movie could be even better as a love story. Now, it remains an enjoyable film over a weekend.

Rating : 2.5/5

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