Brahmi is now Kaththi Reddy!

Brahmi aka Brahmanandam is one of the most revered comedians of Telugu Cinema. He even made to Guinness records and the comedian is not doing many movies these days. He allotted bulk dates to Sebhash Naidu, Kamal Haasan starrer and also, Achari America Yatra, the Manchu Vishnu starrer. In one film he will be seen as a brahmin pundit and in the other he will be the secretary of the area legend Kamal.

The actor is now said to have accepted a movie in lead, titled Kaththi Reddy. The movie is captioned, “Etthithe dinchadu” and the actor wants to make a comeback as full time comedian once again with this movie. The movie will help him showcase his flawless comedy timing once again and the actor is quite positive about the movie as per the sources.

The sources revealed, “ Brahmanandam is quite positive about this movie and that is reason he accepted to act in a titular role after so long. He wanted to take some rest after continuously working for years without rest and now he wants to make a big comeback. The movie character is designed on the terms of his cult Money, Khan Dada and the comedy in the movie will make audience roll on the floor laughing for sure.” Thew movie is directed by V. Ravi Varma and Racha Ravi from Jabardasth will play an important role in the movie.

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