Balayya and VV Vinayak movie from May?

The rumors in Telugu Cinema Industry doesn’t just concentrate on sexual harassment and relationships. We do hear a lot about interesting new project developments and many more important updates from shooting schedules. They could be true or false, but they are entertaining and interesting for sure.

Now, an interesting rumour is that Balakrishna aka Balayya and VV Vinayak are coming together for a film. After Chennakesava Reddy which came in 2003, with a strong faction backdrop, both did not work together again for 15 years now. C. Kalyan, the producer of Vinayak’s previous film, Intelligent and Balakrishna’s Sankranthi hit, Jai Simha, wants this combination to happen for sure.

Apparently, even though the story is not yet ready, C. Kalyan, wants to officially announce the project and also, celebrate 100 days of Jai Simha on 12th May, an auspicious day for him. A small pooja ceremony will be held on the day if Balakrishna agrees for that date. Balakrishna is also highly interested in collaborating with VV Vinayak and even though Sampath Nandi has story and plan, ready, he is waiting for VV Vinayak it seems.