Sunil back to comedy?

Sunil, the most popular comedian turned lead actor, has finally decided to stick to comedian roles more it seems. He did toe with the idea of being a lead actor for two to three more years before making the giant leap but the the actor has now decided to not waste the time, anymore. He is getting offers for comedian roles too from the directors like, Srinu Vaitla and Teja, who shaped up his career. In fact, it is Teja’s Nuvvu Nenu, that made him a star comedian.

But during Sambaram shooting, as Sunil decided to give Trivikram more importance and took the offer of Manmadhudu and shifted the dates of Sambaram to the film, Teja, decided to not work with him further. Till now, Teja, did not offer him another film and finally the gap between them seems to have closing down. As per the industry insiders, Teja is considering Sunil for an important role in his Aata Naade Veta Naade, with Venkatesh.

A source close to actor revealed, “Sunil has been considering to turn to comedy roles from past one year. He had hopes on Two countries and wanted to wait till the movie releases and see, how it goes from there. As it failed and producers are not that confident in his box office potential, he after a long thought, decided to accept the comedian and character roles like before.” Sunil has already accepted Amar Akbar Anthony, by Srinu Vaitla and he has almost agreed for Teja’s offer also as per the sources.