Young director clarifies on “Zombie Reddy” title!

Zombie Reddy is the title of the next film of going director, Prashanth Varma and the director is dragged into a controversy with several people from “Reddy” community expressing their displeasure over the title. The film title seemed like a mock to their community and also degrading, to the people who opposed it. The young director has tried to calm people down before this gets blown out of proportion.

He issued a statement saying that he is not making a film that mocks any community and clarified that he has no intentions to hurt any community or person’s feelings. He said that the story happens in Kurnool and as the people of certain community, live their more in comparison to others, he chose that title. He also wished that he will get International acclaim with this Zombie thriller like his first film, Awe brought him National recognition. Well, he did not reveal the cast of the film, till date. The movie shoot is over and post production works are going on.

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