When can theatres in the Telugu states reopen?

The theatre business of the Indian Film Industry has suffered greatly, since the time the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in India. After the first wave died down, theatres in the Telugu states were reopened, from December 2020, and saw a resounding success in the consequence months.

While not many films released in December, a new movie released every week from Sankranthi in January this year. December and January saw 50% occupancies, while the occupancy was increased to 100% from February. The movies that were released in theatres did amazing business in the Telugu states, and almost every single movie turned out to be a success.

Tollywood was leading the way in India, but the second wave of coronavirus disrupted everything. The second wave resulted in the shutting down of theatres once again. With the second wave now cooling off comparatively, and lockdown restrictions being slowly lifted, experts say that theatres can be up and running within the next one or two months. A lot of films have not been able to release due to the second wave, and once theatres are up and running once again, more than one film can be expected to release on the same day, due to a lot of supply.

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