What’s making South films so successful in the North?

Prior to the Baahubali franchise taking the nation by a huge storm, there was no concept of pan-Indian films in the country. Post the stupendous success of the Baahubali franchise and KGF, every star actor in the South Indian film industries have been trying to do pan-Indian films, especially Tollywood actors.

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise, performed exceptionally in the Northern market, despite the fact that the film wasn’t marketed at all. The film turned out to be the highest grosser of 2021 and became highly popular and viral on social media as well. Prior to the pan-Indian craze, the Hindi dubbed versions of South Indian films were highly watched on YouTube, more so than Hindi films. This makes one wonder why South films are so successful and highly watch in the North.

One of the main reasons is attributed to the action sequences that are found in South Indian movies, while another reason is attributed to more relatable and grounded stories than that are shown in Bollywood. While the exact reason cannot be pinned down, one thing is for sure, which is that the South cinema seems to have taken over the country with its interesting and unique concepts.

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