Vijay Deverakonda response to #BoyCottLiger campaign

For the past few days #BoyCottLiger is one of the trending topics on social media platforms. As a counter attack, Vijay Deverakonda fans started promoting #ISupportLiger and #UnstoppableLiger hashtags on a wide range.

Meanwhile, in one of the promotional interviews of Liger when Vijay was asked about the online #BoyCottLiger campaign, Vijay gave a strong reply.”We have everyone’s blessings. I’ll see who can stop Liger. I have the support of the audience”, said Vijay Deverakonda.

The online Boycott Bollywood Nepotism campaign has been gaining momentum for the past few years. As Liger female lead Ananya Panday is a “Nepo Kid” and the producer Karan Johar is promoting star kids in Bollywood, a gang on social media is targetting Liger film with #BoycottLiger hashtag.

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