Unknown Facts about Samantha

Samantha started her career as an actress with Banakathadi, in tamil but her first release was Ye Maaya Chesave, in telugu with Naga Chaitanya and Gautam Vasudev Menon. The film changed her fate and sealed her as an hot favourite in telugu and tamil. But no actress will achieve the status that now Samantha enjoys with one film. She scored hits after hits in Telugu and Tamil, along with that she also showed her acting prowess whenever she got chance in films like Eega, Manam and recently, A..Aa. This is her professional career and many know these facts. But how is she personally, what are those interesting facts of her life, that we should know to take inspiration from? Let’s check them out ..

Samantha is a class topperSamanthaYes, she was very good in Maths and Commerce. She indeed presented a proof of this statement in her twitter account to the world. She sportingly solved a mathematical equation as well, when a naughty fan posed a question during one of her interactions.

She became an actress due to monetary problemsSamanthaSamantha was in dire need of money while in her modelling days and in order to cope up with the pressure she chose to dwell into acting profession, A good turn of events indeed. She was discovered by Cinematographer Ravi Varman and got casted in his directorial film, Mascowin Cauveri, but the film released after Ye Maya Chesave, in Tamil and flopped big time. Still she managed to set up a successful career in Tamil as well with Naan Ee, Eega tamil version.

She likes SushiSamanthaSamantha enjoys variety of cuisines but her favourite is Japanese, Sushi. Sushi is a raw boiled seafood mixed with boiled vegetables. The cooking takes place in front of the diners on a round table. She also likes dairy milk chocolates and Pala kova.

She had diabetesSamanthaTwo years ago Samantha suffered with blood sugar issues and was diagnosed with diabetes. She overcame the disease and now she is absolutely in control with her blood sugar problems. The character she portrayed in Trivikram’s Son of Satyamurthy as a diabetic patient is indeed written keeping her experiences in mind.

She enjoys SecretSamanthaSamantha is an avid reader of books and considers Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas as her gurus in this regard as they have read almost all books under the roof. Her favourite book is Rhonda Byrne’s Secret. If you would like to know about the book, you have to read it by yourself. Trust us, you will enjoy the book and it is quite an inspirational read.

Samantha runs an NGOSamanthaNot many know this fact as she never over publicised this fact. Only her hardcore fans and few of her friends know about the hardships she goes through. Her NGO is quite popular, Pratyusha Foundation and is efficiently managed by her mother. She started the foundation quite early in her career and she manages it very well and donates more than half of her earnings to the charitable organisation.

She wants to be considered as a TamilianSamanthaSamantha’s parents are Telugu father and Malayalam mother, but she wants to be considered as a Tamilian! Weird! Well, her parents settled in Chennai before her marriage and since she was born and brought up in Chennai, she wants to be recognised as a Tamil ponnu and is very proud of her mixed ethnicity.

Samantha is YashodaSamanthaNo no she did not change her name from Yashoda to Samantha, or she did not adopt any child like Yashoda from our mythology. Yashoda is her nickname given by her parents and she enjoys being called Yasho!

Samantha likes Audrey HepburnSamanthaIn fact she obsesses Audrey and likes to became a realistic actress like her. Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn is known for her realistic performances and she won many accolades in her life. Samantha confessed that she takes Audrey as an inspiration in her performances, even though she never blatantly copied her.
These are the few unknown facts about Samantha, and after reading this, don’t you find her beauty with brains and quite an inspiration for future generations!