Top 10 South Indian Thrillers You Shouldn’t Miss

You could be wondering about the thrillers section of any OTT platform or even at the online streaming portals, if you got what we mean, and be thinking, “What I should watch now?” We can try to help you in choosing 10 and trust us, these 10 will lead you to some other good ones as well.  If you are a lover of the genre, you shouldnt miss these 10 for sure, too.

Top South Indian Thrillers You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Thani Oruvan

1 Thani Oruvan Movie
Probably, you might have heard about this movie, a lot. It is not one of its kind but it has a great structure that wouldn’t allow you to look away from the screen. The actor’s screen presence, their performances, screenplay and stylish taking along with music score add to the overall thrilling experience of the film. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should watch it. At least, the Telugu remake, Dhruva should be on your list to not miss.
Aravind Swamy aces Siddharth Abhimanyu character with his swag and style. He also becomes easily one of the clever and ruthless characters yet loveable one that we rarely see on screen these days. His “Devil May Care” attitude compensates Jayam Ravi’s too sincere and honest cop character to the tee. Mohan Raja should be appreciated for coming up with such an honest and clever blockbuster with right mixes of commercial elements.

2. Drishyam (Malayalam)

2 Drishyam (malayalam) Movie
Telugu film has a remake of this classic thriller. But we prefer the original, just because, well it is the original. Can you top the rush you get after watching Mohan Lal’s indirect admission to murder? Can you top the emotional turbulence that characters go through at every moment?
You may say there were instances in past but this film is different. Even original director, Jeethu Joseph couldn’t re-create the similar feel in his Tamil version, Papanasam with Kamal Haasan. Watch the original even if you have watched Telugu, Hindi or Tamil versions. Just you will understand the difference between how the in-between the lines portrayal of an actor varies from another. Not to compare just to enjoy.

3. Mumbai Police

3 Mumbai Police Movie
Privthiraj Sukumaran did not become a big star in Malayalam just because of his looks. He proved his acting calibre and versatility with many films. This is one of his best films. You can see his natural flair in walking into a role and then living in it as if he is born to perform in that one role.
Jayasurya, Rahman supported him beautifully in the film.  You will be on the edge of your seat during your first viewing for sure. The movie is a big departure from regular thrillers and you should watch it to believe it.

4. Kshanam

4 Kshanam Movie
Telugu films have been trying to find a perfect thriller film from long but they have been unable to do so as the writing and execution were not on par with best from other languages. This film, Kshanam changes that perception. It keeps you hooked and it is a film written taking Korean and Hollywood films inspiration but the writing, execution and performances are the major USP of this film.
Adivi Sesh as a writer and actor found his niche after a decade of being in the industry as an actor, writer and director. He is now recognised as one of the few good thinking actors in the Tollywood. He did Goodachari and Evaru, post this one but the impact Kshanam created is still fresh in the minds of the audiences. Ravikant Perepu directed the film very competently.

5. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

5 Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum Movie
You might have heard about this Malayalam thriller a lot. The major suspense in the movie is to identify what is it all about. We mean, it is so well-paced, well-acted, well-narrated, well-defined and close to reality that you immerse into the film to the level of not being able to really care about the climax or what it is all about and where it is going.
You just enjoy the proceedings as if you are transported into this place and then the story, screenplay and performances do the rest. Fahad Fassil is just a show-stealer and you will know why, after watching it.

6. Thuppakki

6 Thuppakki Movie
Probably you might have caught this movie on Satellite Television as many as times as they have telecasted. Still it is one of the best thrillers and it has an ability to not let you move an inch once you decide to watch it. AR Murugadoss aced in all categories and Vijay got his luckiest big break from all sorts of routine dramas.
You wish to have such a film in your rapporteur as a filmmaker and in your library as a film lover. Even a small reaction shot from Vijay seems to have been highly calculated to the tee and then executed. Watch the movie again, even if you have watched it a lot.

7. Kuttram 23

7 Kuttram 23 Movie
Arun Vijay struggled for years to find some good scripts that will establish him as an actor in the Tamil Film Industry. Fortunately, Thala Ajith’s Yennai Arindhal happened for him and he won hearts of audiences as “Victor”. He waited for the right script to do lead and Kuttram 23 suited him really well.
The film became such a hit that it gave him a new identity as an actor who is best suited for thrillers. He did variety of movies like Thadam and Mafia, next. The movie is based on a novel but it feels very real. We don’t really know about medical crimes in-depth and this movie lets you see them for what they are.

8. Dhruvaangal Pathinaru

8 Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Movie
This movie is all about the perceptions that one crime scene can be exposed to. From an investigator’s point of view, from a witness point of view, from a criminal’s point of view and from an innocent person -who got majorly affected due to this crime- perspective, the movie explores the crime. It tries to keep the narrative unbiased until it opens up to be narrators biased view.
That is the difference in this movie from regular crime thrillersYou can watch it, not for the twist but for the way the twist is explained and the way the structure of the film works even after you have watched it a lot. Rahman and young director, Karthick Naren have given us a film to remember.

9. Rangitaranga

9 Rangitaranga 'movie
Kannada cinema is improving a lot. We can see the young crop of directors trying to make different and honest films. This film by Anup Bandari is one of the best thrillers that Kannada Cinema has come up with. The mythological undertones, writing laced deep in native culture transfers us into the world that the creator could create.
The movie has Sai Kumar in one of his best roles and we have to say that the actor gave it all. Also, the young writer and director, Anup keep us hooked throughout the film, with his novel scenes and ideas. A bit slow at the start, movie races as the screenplay finds it’s the first twist.

10. Memories

10 Memories Movie
A definite recommendation from our side to every one of you. This movie is not completely different but the presentation from Jeethu Joseph is unique. The screenplay structure and performance of Prithviraj are highlights of the film.
Never you might have felt so bad for a self-loathing cop as much as you do for the protagonist in the film. The background score, editing and scenes work really well for the overall suspense factor.