Top 9 Horror Thriller Series You Can Watch On Netflix

Horror thrillers are one of the most effective genres we have in cinema. It gives you the spine chilling experience still you crave it. That’s the magic in the Horror thrillers. Apart from movies, there is some spell bounding horror-thriller shows in the digital space and the digital giant Netflix has a library of it. Now, here are some of the best-handpicked Horror Thrillers on Netflix. Here you go..

Top  Horror Thriller Series On Netflix

  • Ghoul

1 Ghoul

Ghoul is one of the first web series in India after the Sacred Games. This horror mini-series will give you many chills, thanks to the dream the creator Patrick Graham had that ignited to make this miniseries. Netflix became a part of this horror while it is in its making. Radhika Apte has played the lead role in this horror series. It is just a 3 part series that can be completed overnight. Grab a popcorn and some of your fingernails.


  • Anjaan: The Rural Myths

2 Anjaan The Rural Myths

One of the best horror thrillers you will ever come across. Anjaan: The Rural Myths is set up in various parts of India and it will showcase some of the best myths, scary stories. The best thing about this 15 episodes season 1 series is that it includes the myths from folklore, legends that exist in Rural India. The cinematography, acting, creepy BGM, night owl sounds were used effectively. Right from Kashmir, this series includes legends about every corner of India. Don’t miss it.


  • Betaal

3 Betaal

Patrick Graham who made Ghoul have conceived this idea as well. Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainments is behind this Zombie based horror web series. Betaal had its negativity but the idea is interesting in the first place. Mythology and Zombie concept is used effectively. While displacing the villagers to reopen a tunnel through a cursed mountain, tribals resist the idea as they were aware of what might happen if the Betaal that has been trapped since the British East India Company times. What happens when Betaal is freed is left to your imagination.


  • Typewriter

4 Typewriter

The typewriter is one of the best horror web series that is made in India. The typewriter has the typical horror set up – a bunch of youngsters in Goa plans to search for the alleged ghost in a villa. They form Ghost club and this haunted villa is their first mission. Created and directed by Sujay Ghosh, Typewriter stars Purab Kohli, Palomi Ghosh, Jisshu Sengupta in the lead roles. However the set up is regular, the Typewriter is a novice in its own way. What happens when a new family moves into the villa while three young friends are exploring a possible ghost? Well, why wonder here, when you can binge-watch the series on Netflix?


  • Death Note

5 Death Note

Death Note is one of the earliest mystic horror thrillers that was made. It is a Japanese Anime which you will enjoy to the core. It was first conceived as a magazine and then later made into a series. Japanese high schooler comes in possession of a mystical notebook that gives the power to kill anybody whose name is written in the book. The series turns interesting when a detective starts investigating the murders and he gets into the act. It is a 37 episodes long series but you will enjoy it for sure. Tetsurō Araki has directed this Anime Television series.


  • Mind Hunter

6 Mind Hunter

Mind Hunter is a mind-bending show. You cannot stop it with one episode. Created by Joe Penhall, this two-part web series is intriguing from the word to go. Mind Hunter revolves around two FBI agents who were given the tasks of interviewing the serial killers to give them understand in which way serial killers mind works. They delve into the minds of the serial killers which takes them too close to the real monsters. Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv plays the lead roles in this web series. Set up in the late 70s, Mind Hunter couldn’t be missed for its powerful performances and breathtaking technical brilliance.


  • Stranger Things

7 Stranger Things

When science fiction is added to horror, the result would be mind-blowing. Stranger Things is one of the most effective American TV shows that we ever come across. Stranger Things is set up in 1983, Indiana, where a boy suddenly disappears. As Friends, Family, and Local Police tries to find the boy, a very strange experiment by the Government gets unearthed, also with the bonus of terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl with otherworldly powers. Stranger Things has won a total of 31 Emmy nominations which showcases the worth of the television show. Currently, there are 3 seasons for this show and it’s been officially declared that a fourth is on its way.


  • The Haunting of Hill House

8 The Haunting Of Hill House

Super Natural elements in a horror drama will add the spice to the horror genre. The Haunting of Hill House is exactly the same. This Super Natural Horror American Television drama has received critical acclaim. Be it acting, directing, or production values, this TV series impresses with all the said above. When a family was hit by destiny, their past and present flashes give the haunting memories of their old home. The Haunting of Hill House is a 10 episode series and another season is coming in its way. You will not be disappointed with this show.


  • Castlevania

9 Castlevania

Based on the famous Japanese video game with the same name, this American animated TV series is a dark fantasy thriller. Vampire count Dracula enraged with his wife’s death declares all the people of Wallachia will pay for their actions. To combat Dracula outcast monster hunter Trevor Belmont attempts to save all of Eastern Europe. Castlevania is an interesting choice on the list. Warren Ellis has created this interesting drama. It has three seasons currently and Netflix has announced that the fourth season will be released very soon.


So, what’s your first web series to binge-watch or should we ask, how many of them have you already completed? Do mention in the comments below.

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