10 Movies That Will Motivate You To Launch A Successful Business

Movies don’t always have to be about entertainment. They can be good motivators for people who are struggling in their life or who want to achieve unimaginable things.

Setting up a successful business empire is not always easy and people try to read books about those who could make it as only one out of ten or even hundred reach to the pinnacle. If movies are made such people in an entertaining then they can serve the purpose of being entertainers and motivators too.

Here are 10 Motivational movies for people who are looking to launch successful business enterprises in life.

10 Movies About Business Success

  • The Social Network

1 The Social Network

Facebook has become an extension of social identity for every single person around the world, today. It was once developed by Mark Zuckerberg to connect with his college sweetheart and his friends helped him to get the interface right. The simple project has become a sensation among the college going people and soon, it became a forum for all long lost friends to find each other again.

It was able to upstage Orkut, which was a rage back in the day and it has become the beast of social media networking sites as you know today. Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg played the real life friends Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg in the film about Facebook, The Social Network. Justin Timberlake as Sean Parkar became hugely famous with the film. David Fincher came up with a riveting tale based on the true characters and their real life journey to fame. Movie won Academy Awards for Writing Adapted Screenplay and Best Musical Score.


  • The Wolf of Wall Street

2 The Wolf Of Wall Street

While the movie doesn’t really talk about legal ways to make money but stock brokers do tend to become rich in matter of no time and then fall from the heights as they cannot handle the sudden riches. Wolf of Wall Street demonstrates that tendency in an eccentric way and performance by Leonardo Di Caprio arrests us to the screens.

Along with him Matthew McConaughey in a short cameo and Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie make the characters real and situations more acceptable. Martin Scorsese did not hold back from using curse words that the people under high pressure tend to use regularly. The usage of curse words in the film as become a much talked about world record too.


  • The Aviator

3 The Aviator

The Aviator talks about the life of Howard Hughes, who became an aviation magnet and highly successful film producer. The borderline neurotic patient of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder completely succumbs to madness by the end of the film. The film shows life of this successful man from 1927 to 1947 and Leonardo DiCaprio came up with a spellbinding performance in this film.

Martin Scorsese knocked it out of the park with his unconventional narration. Normally, biopics tend to get boring but this film has all the ingredients of a popular box office entertainer and at the same time, it has an independent spirit. More importantly, it gives a message to all young businessmen to obsess about excelling in a field but never disregard the important things in life as well.


  • Guru

4 Guru

Mani Ratnam after making Iruvar became obsessed with the idea of bringing the life of most successful entrepreneur from India, Dhirubhai Ambani on screen. But many around him feared the story will be highly controversial as Reliance, the company established by Ambani was always in the news for violating set industrial laws to increase production and profits. But Dhirubhai Ambani managed to create a huge successful empire that helped many Indians to dream about setting up successful enterprises themselves even though they are from a country that is regarded poor.

After making Yuva in Hindi, he took Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai as the lead pair to finally produce the biopic as Guru. He changed the names in the film to avoid controversies and it is said that Dhirubhai liked the film after watching it. While the morality of the movie is twisted, it still asks young people of India to dream big and avoid shortcuts to achieve success.


  • The Big Short

5 The Big Short

Adam McKay has come up with an entertaining film about financial instability in US housing scheme. Yes, the theme of the film sounds slightly boring and too much about the statistics that many don’t understand. But the director made a movie that holds the interest of the audiences who watch it and the highly popular stars among the cast also help him a lot.

Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt have come together for this ensemble and each one of them have given memorable performances. McKay thought the story had to be told in a very honest way to the public as the financial instability doesn’t just effect a few but it changes the entire financial growth and outlook of a country. For successful business development, young businessmen should have an eye for things that can go wrong in future and foreshadow the results to avoid discrepancies in the established system.


  • Glengarry Glen Ross

6 Glengarry Glen Ross

When you are given just a week’s notice to show improvement and results in your work, how would you feel? It is like somebody as held you at a gunpoint asking you to fly high but strapping your wings. In highly volatile market space like real estate business, it becomes a tough task to show big results in just a week’s time. This 1992 film talks about such a situation and the salesmen come down on each other’s throats to become the top 2, to save their jobs at a real estate firm.

James Foley, the director of the film ada pred a Pulitzer Prize winning play to screen and made an interesting movie with an ensemble cast. Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey kind of stars deliver their best in the roles they are assigned. The movie ends up giving every viewer a valuable lesson to learn from the lives of its main characters.


  • Band Baaja Baarat

7 Band Baaja Baarat

Band Baaja Baarat is a sugar coated business film about an unlikely couple finding their mojo in business world. It is not easy to get creative and innovative in a world where the competition is tough. There are cruel people with insensitive outlook towards others and there are extremely kind people who reward honesty, efforts. You need to understand the difference between such clients and negate the difficulties without falling into the traps of egos.

Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma come up with very likeable performances in the film as an young, unlikely couple who work better together. They fall for each other but their rule to not complicate business partnership comes in between their relationship. This leads to ego wars and finally, they understand success lies in their dependency on each other and business is never about individuals but a team.


  • Pelli Choopulu

8 Pelli Choopulu

There are very less Telugu films that take problems faced by entrepreneurs in setting up a flourishing business as the main theme of the story. Even though Pelli Choopulu is kind of a romantic tale, it is more about the independent aspirations that a young couple have and how they intertwine due to their chance encounter.

Even though the hero is typical reckless youth, his transformation due to the lady in his life and her ambition turning into their ambition and success, makes the film unique from others. Vijay Devarakonda, Ritu Varma play their characters really well on screen to make us all think about our life paths and find friends or partners who can really help us in setting our life paths in right direction. Tharun Bhascker with his witty dialogue and youthful spirit made the movie a must watch for young businessmen to find right motivation while chilling out from real life stress.


  • In Pursuit of Happiness

9 In Pursuit Of Happiness

In Pursuit of Happiness is a must watch for every business enthusiast. It is not easy to make it in the big bad world as vultures are always ready to chew you up. And circumstances are always not going to work in your favour. Nobody will just hand you success on a golden plate. You have to do your best with the opportunities you get and then hope that the life turns around to a better day.

Will Smith as a struggling salesman and a father who has to take care of his kid as a single parent delivered one of his best performances ever. You just can’t hold back your tears in the climax and his triumphant laughter is etched in our memories forever. Whenever you feel low, watch this film for inspiration and motivation.


  • Challenge

10 Challenge

When it comes to Telugu Cinema, pure business development stories don’t always work for the perfect “masala entertainment” loving audiences. Or at least it is believed so. Megastar Chiranjeevi when he was still trying to establish himself as numero uno star post Khaidi break, he did some interesting different commercial entertainers to regular films that helped him become a favourite of youngsters. Challenge was one of those films and it still remains a fan favorite among his many hits.

Film subject revolves around a jobless young man with great knowledge and business acumen, motivated by a challenge thrown at him by an egoistic and arrogant successful entrepreneur to create his own successful enterprise. Movie entertains you thoroughly and it also motivates you to start your own business empire that stays true to its customers and innovates at every nook & corner.


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