Top 10 Horror Movies That Were Based On True Events !

Horror is a vast genre that has many sub-genres to go with. Horror doesn’t mean just some Supernatural ghost films. There are some films that took inspiration from real-life incidents and became very good films for viewers. In this case, they gave nightmares to people who have watched them. We just wanted to give you 5 Indian and 5 World (English) films here, to make sure that you watch some of the best.

Indian Horror Films

  • Ragini MMS

1 Ragini Mms Movie

The film of the Ragini MMS franchise was based on true events. Yes, spine chilling events that happened when two lovers decided to stay in an old bungalow while travelling, experienced it. The girl suddenly started screaming at the boy and he wanted to shoot in-camera. She kept attacking and screaming with supernatural strength. She started talking in a different voice and that became an MMS.
Several people thought it was staged but the MMS went viral within no time. So, Balaji Telefilms decided to make it into a movie and took Paranormal Activity as the inspiration. Rajkummar Rao before becoming a star acted in this film as a lead.
  • Manichitrathazhu

2 Manichitrathazhu Movie
This is a Malayalam classic directed by Fazil and the movie won National Award too. May be you will remember the film better when we say that it was the original film which got remade into Apthamitra in Kannada. Some bells are ringing, right. Yes, it is the original film that inspired P. Vasu to make the Kannada film, which landed him the opportunity to remake it as Chandramukhi with Rajnikanth. Suresh Gopi, Shobana and Mohan Lal acted in the movie as leads.
This movie is based on the events happened when Fazil observed a young girl started screaming and throwing papers at an exam. He also observed her dancing and talking in a different language that she never spoke in her life. So, he researched on such type of behavior and made this horror film.
  • O Stri Repu Raa

3 O Stri Repu Raa Movie
The movie is based on several events that rocked the rural areas and even metropolitan city like Bangalore. Many people a witch was going around the city and rural areas, who would not attack the houses with writing, “Oh Lady, come tomorrow” . Many wrote it with Hen’s blood on their walls and they used to run away to their houses early in the evening before the clock hits 9 pm. Some people reported that few of their relatives got kidnapped as well.
Movie is based on such terrifying event. There were many episodes on TV that made fun of it and even some films that tried to cash in on the fear. This movie is made with passion for sure.
  • Avunu

4 Avunu Movie
Do you know that people believe Sitara Hotel in Ramoji Film City, is haunted? Some say long time ago some real wicked man was buried at the sight and the builders did not care about it. People who stay in the hotel at times refer to some supernatural events. Especially, a woman reported that she got dragged by some unknown force.
Taking inspiration from the events, Ravi Babu made Avunu and he took some inspiration from Hollywood film, Hollow Man too. But this one film starring Poorna, Harshvardhan Rane, Ravi Babu was made purely after knowing that a certain supernatural event occurred in Sithara Hotel in Ramoji Film City. Few people try to stay in the room and at the place just for the experience.
  • Road

5 Road Movie
This movie is made based on the serial killer encounters in India and around the world. Ram Gopal Varma produced the film with Vivek Oberoi, Antara Mali and Manoj Bajpai as leads. Rajnish Thakur wrote the screenplay and story, while Rajat Mukherjee directed it. Manoj Bajpai’s performance as a serial killer was praised in the movie.
Vivek Oberoi and Antara Mali songs from the film have also become popular. The movie tried to set off Road Horror genre in Indian movies but it did not become so successful at the box office to make it a trend. But at the release time, several people liked the guts of RGV for making such a bold attempt.

Western Horror Films 

  • The Amityville Horror (1979)

6 The Amityville Horror (1979) Movie
The Amityville House in the USA is still scared about. A newlywed couple entered the place and they encountered supernatural events in the house. It is in New York and the Lutz Family originally reported the events.
Stuart Rosenburg decided to make a movie on these sensational events, that were written as a book, The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson in 1977 and he cast James Brolin, Margot Kidder in the film. It became a huge success and made many think about making horror films in a different style to what Alfred Hitchcock did for many years. But the movie was panned by critics upon the release and now, it is called a classic. In 2005, Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George acted in the remake.
  • The Exorcist (1973)

7 The Exorcist (1973) Movie
This is regarded as a true classic in World Cinema when it comes to the Horror genre. It gave nightmares to many who watched the film. It inspired young directors of that time to go for such realistic treatment of the elements that were considered obscene. Many people had adverse effects on the film scenes and it triggered psychiatrists to call the effects as “Cinematic Neurosis”, as well.
Movie producer William Peter Blatty who also wrote the book that the movie was based on, claimed the incidents shown in the movie were real. He said that it was based on his research. The movie did trigger a huge amount of negative and positive reactions not for the film making style but the content. Today, it is regarded as an absolute classic. Take good precaution, if you have a weak heart before watching the film.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

8 A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Movie
The movie is considered fiction but the director, Wes Craven, who is also the writer of the film, said that he based the movie on some true stories that he heard from the people when he was young. A burnt man used to come in their dreams and slash them for what they have done, it seems.
He created a good fiction film out of those stories or legends and the film became an absolute classic in the Horror genre. Seriously, we cannot say that the incidents shown in every movie are completely true as the stories spread with some people starting a few rituals out of fear to escape haunting. They tend to become “true legends”. This movie falls in that category of films that are made based on legends that were once believed to be absolutely true. Also, the slasher in the film was inspired by Halloween series.
  • The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

9 The Hills Have Eyes (1977) Movie
The film is based on a true story that the director, Wes Craven claimed to have happened in the Middle Ages. Apparently, there lived a Scottish head of a wild clan, Sawney Bean, who murdered and cannibalized a huge number of people in his clan. Wes Craven became the master of the horror genre after Alfred Hitchcock with different types of films that became a legendary series.
The movie was viewed as a take on contemporary US politics during the time of the release. Pluto character gave nightmares to people who watched it back then. Even today, the tense narrative holds up very well. If you watch such strong horror films, you wonder why such films are not being made these days. It became a wake-up call for people saying that harsh conditions and circumstances can force cannibalism in humans as well. May be for our future sake it is better to concentrate on the environment.
  • The Conjuring (2013)

10 The Conjuring (2013) Movie

The best horror film out of the films being made in the genre by many, in recent years. Every year like an annual instalment we have many films coming out these days in the horror genre. But this film, The Conjuring made us all fall for the genre again.
It did give us hope that good horror films can be made.  James Wan brought back the classical tense narration into the forefront. But the other films that came as the part of Conjuring series couldn’t stand to the promise of the series. Two films in the original series have been the best out of the horror genre in the last decade. The first one can be called an all-timer too. The movie is based on true incidents, if you watch it, you will get an idea.