Top 10 Telugu Movies you can watch on Amazon Prime Video Now!

We all need some sort of escape from daily routine and what best way to enjoy other than watching movies and shows on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re a Telugu movie lover you are sure to be spoilt for choice because Amazon Prime Video offers an extensive collection spread across genres. We are going to list out the Top 10 Recent Telugu Films available on Amazon Prime Video that we love!

Here Best Telugu Movies On Amazon Prime


1-Madha movie

To begin with let’s start with the Telugu movie that made a lot of noises world over – Madha! Not only did Madha win several international awards but it was also quite the talk of T-Town. Madha is a unique, dark thriller with an intriguing premise. The plot revolves around the story of a girl with supernatural abilities, and how situations in her life force her to constantly live in fear of an unknown threat. This nail-biting thriller will keep you on the edge of your chair for the most part. Madha is a technically strong film and has a gripping storyline that keeps things interesting.

While it is unfortunate that the movie didn’t stay long in the theatres, we are not complaining because it is now available on Amazon Prime Video! We thoroughly enjoyed this movie and this tops our list!

Watch Madha on Prime

Palasa 1978

Palasa is an intriguing crime drama in the backdrop of the ‘Palasa’ region. Strong acting, strong storyline, crisp editing and the rustic village locations only make it an engaging thriller. The movie set in the seventies shows the oppression faced by a few communities. Many critics lauded the filmmaker’s ability to mix lighter moments seamlessly along with heavy-duty violence in the narrative. The dialect and the songs in Palasa also received a lot of appreciation. All in all, we give this movie a definite thumbs up!

Watch Palasa 1978 on Prime


For those who love to spend their time watching investigative thrillers, Hit is a good bet. With Vishwak Sen acting in the lead role, this movie is a treat! The acting, BGM and the story have been praised by movie lovers and critics alike. Vishwak Sen’s acting is terrific, Vivek Sagar’s GGM can give you goosebumps and Nani bags another impressive experiment through his production. The dark atmosphere created in the film cleverly accentuates the complex characters and scenes in the film.

Watch HIT Movie on Prime

O Pitta Katha

This is one of those films that goes to show that you don’t always need a big production house or big cast to make a good movie. It isn’t often that you find a gripping love story cum mystery, and when you find one as good as this you cannot help but enjoy it! With plot twists and a captivating storyline, this movie had to be on our list.

Watch O Pitta Katha On Prime


There are few movies that just give you all the feels and for the right reason too. Jaanu starring Samantha Akkineni and Sharwanand is one such movie. This movie, directed by C Prem Kumar, will take you on a beautiful, emotional journey of pure love. We loved this movie and we think you will too! Don’t miss watching it on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch Jaanu On Prime Video

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu

Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu is a political satire from Ram Gopal Varma about the political scene in Andhra Pradesh. While it isn’t a regular rom-com or action movie, this is a must-watch if you are into political dramas. Though Ram Gopal Varma and his filmmaking process have changed over time, he knows exactly how to grab the audience’s attention by choosing scripts that generate curiosity. The fine cast bearing an uncanny resemblance to the real-life politicians just makes the film all the more realistic and fun to watch.

Watch Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu on Prime


Rajnikanth is not just a name but a brand in Indian Cinema. He has created a huge fan following (worship) for himself over the decades across different languages with his trademark style and unforgettable dialogues. You cannot help but enjoy his energetic performance and electrifying screen presence even if you’re not a fan! As they say, watch it to get Rajnified!

Watch Darbar Movie on Prime

Sarileru Neekevvaru

Mahesh Babu delivered a very light-hearted film for this Sankranthi 2020, this family drama provides wholesome entertainment. Adding to this, it also has a nice social message to offer without getting too serious or preachy. Critics and his fans are full of praises for Mahesh’s energetic performance and the deft handling of the by director Anil Ravipudi.

Watch Sarileru Neekevvaru on Prime

Raja Vaaru Raani Gaaru

Raja Vaaru Raani Gaaru delivers the age-old romance in a novel narrative with some healthy rural area humor. The characters and their conflicts are different from most other romances too. Performances from the ensemble cast won praises from its viewers and we can’t help but agree. The Director of the film has tastefully blended humor in every scene to keep the tone light. Critics praised the movie as “best romantic Telugu movie without any bold imagery and adult language” as well. With the music from this film also becoming really successful, Do you really need more reasons to watch this film?

Watch Raja Vaaru Raani Gaaru on Prime

Anukunnadi Okkati Ayindi Okkati

This movie is a complete fun thriller, a genre that isn’t so common among Telugu movies. A group of girls decide to enjoy their vacation but they are faced with a serious problems. The movie earned mixed responses from critics and audiences alike. While some say that it is a predictable thriller we thoroughly enjoyed watching the journey of those three girls!

Watch Anukunnadi Okkati Ayindi Okkati On Amazon Prime

These are 10 movies that we watched and enjoyed on Amazon Prime Video! You guys let us know which ones you liked.