10 Best Tollywood Movies Based On College Life

College life is the best in everyone’s lives. It is the stage where we earn the capabilities to lead the rest of our lives. Not only the degree to feed ourselves, but college life also makes us understand many things. It makes us understand how life can be outside the world. Entering into college life is like a fish going into a bigger pond from an aquarium. College life makes us understand many things. It gives us a new perspective on life. Tollywood has some best movies based on college life. Let us have a look at those.

Tollywood Movies Based On College Life

  • Shiva

Siva Telugu Movie

The list has to start with this list. Shiva is one of the iconic movies in Tollywood. It can be termed as the game-changer. Ram Gopal Varma got introduced as the director. Right from shot division to cinematography to background music, it changed everything in Tollywood completely. More than that Shiva’s subject is one of the best. It deals with college life and politics. How can political leaders or goons feed on college students is shown in a brilliant way? Politics is a very important aspect of college life at that time. How can anyone forget the evergreen Botany Paatamundi song and the iconic cycle chain scene? Shiva is one of the best films based on college life.


  • Happy Days

2 Happy Days Telugu Movie

While in Shiva, college life is shown in a rather serious tone, Happy Days are all about the sweet memories at that time. Every moviegoer watching that movie will cherish his memories. He/she will recollect their college days. Sekhar Kammula is the director of the movie. There are many youngsters in the Telugu states who joined B.tech hoping that their college will be as colorful as it was shown in the movie. Apart from all the mischievous things that were shown in the movie, Happy Days show the true value of friendship. There is a dialogue in Happy Days which says that “These are the happiest days of your life but also the beginning of most purpose full days”. This sums the college life for us.


  • Sye

3 Sye Telugu Movie

How far can you go to save your college? Sye is a sports drama set up in the backdrop of college. SS Rajamouli conceived the idea beautifully. The emotions in the college have been evoked wonderfully. We might have serious fights between us in the college but when an outsider comes everyone is united. Sye is an extremely satisfying college backdrop film.


  • Kerintha

4 Kerintha Telugu Movie

Kerintha is another youthful entertainer that has a college backdrop. A college is a place where students from different backdrops come together. There might be a difference in their social status but in college, everyone is the same. Kerintha shows beautifully this point. How different backdrops and different mindsets make a friend gang and how can we achieve with the help of the friend’s gang. Kerintha is a movie that is funny and at the same time responsible.


  • Josh

5 Josh Telugu Movie

Another serious subject on college life. Though the movie is a flop it remained as a cult. It has become everyone’s favorite now. Josh is Akkineni Naga Chaitanya’s debut film. In Josh, director Vasu Varma has portrayed how political leaders can explore college students in the name of politics. Naga Chaitanya who has a personal loss comes to a college full of problems. How he managed to clear all of those and how he helped his fellow students form the crux of the story.


  • Kotha Bangaru Lokam

6 Kotha Bangaru Lokam Telugu Movie

Do you know the difference between Infatuation and love? Now you may know but in the Intermediate days? Set up in the Intermediate backdrop, Kotha Bangaru Lokam discusses many things. Director Srikanth Addala has made a beautiful college drama. He has showcased how strict Intermediate colleges used to be and the hostel life. Many Intermediate students who underwent hostel life will connect to the film. Kotha Bangaru Lokam also showcases how beautiful we can make our lives through traveling on the right path in education.


  • Master

7 Master Telugu Movie

Chiranjeevi has played the role of lecturer in this movie. Master shows us about college life in those days. How the youngsters behave in college, the bonding between the lecturer and students. Why a good lecturer is extremely important in college life. Everything is dealt so naturally in this movie. Chiranjeevi’s performance as a lecturer will be evergreen.


  • Student No 1

8 Student No 1 Telugu Movie

Student No 1 is a film that shows how good and responsible every student should be. Involved in a crime that he has not done intentionally, the hero of the film, NTR gears up to study LAW which is his father’s dream. The college has full of problems. How his commitment and dedication changed the entire college is an example to many. It is SS Rajamouli’s debut film. The interval of the film where NTR confesses that he is a criminal still gives goosebumps to the audience.


  • Kirrak Party

9 Kirrak Party Telugu Movie

Friends are the best thing that happens in college life. We will make lots of friends and mischievous things we make with our friend’s gang that cannot be forgotten in our lives. Kirrak Party is a nostalgic ride of our college lives. There are many things we can relate to by watching this movie. It is one of the best college backdrop movies in Tollywood. However, it hasn’t got enough recognition. Nikhil has played the lead role in the movie.


  • Love Failure

10 Love Failure Telugu Movie

We mostly find our first love in college times. It is a beautiful phase everyone will undergo. Love Failure exactly touches this point. How a common youth fall in love and how they will have misunderstandings and how they unite in the end is shown beautifully in the backdrop of the college. Siddharth and Amala Paul played the lead roles. SS Thaman’s songs are still fresh to listen to. Soak in it.


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Here are some of the best college-based movies that are made in Tollywood. We are sure there are many though. What do you think? If you think of any other best college-based movie, then do comment in the comment section below.