Third wave becomes Indian cinema’s biggest worry

No one in the world was prepared for the first wave of coronavirus, and film industries all over the world suffered as a result of it. The Indian film industry too suffered a lot. And while Tollywood was in a better place when compared to other industries, Bollywood took the biggest brunt, with Mumbai being the most affected city in the country, due to coronavirus.

Daily wage workers suffered greatly due to the lack of shootings, and continue to suffer to do date, because of the biggest break that the film industries in the country have had to suffer, in history. While everyone’s getting back to work in India, including Bollywood, it’s not without fear or tension of a possible third wave that is being predicted as inevitable by experts.

Shootings are going on at a rapid pace in India right now, with filmmakers wanting to wrap up their projects as soon as possible so that they aren’t affected by the third wave. While this is a good idea, there’s no guarantee over whether a film could or couldn’t be released. Theatres can be shut down any minute, and lockdowns can be imposed at any second. The entire Indian Film Industry is thus worried about the third wave of coronavirus.

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