The serious repercussions of promotion culture

With the dominance of social media, films are being promoted aggressively by their makers on every platform, to invite audiences in. Gone are the days when positive word of mouth is what gets the audiences to the theatres, and it is the promotions and the promotional activities that are driving the audience to the theatres. However, this culture also has another side, where audiences are being put off a film due to the comments or actions during these events.

Recently, Nani put himself in a fix where he made a statement about not releasing his upcoming film Ante Sundaraniki in Kannada because the Kannada audience is the only audience who watches Telugu films in their original language. This didn’t sit well with the Kannada audience, who have backfired on the actor, saying that not all Kannadigas understand Telugu or watch Telugu movies in their original language. While Nani tried to salvage the situation, it was to no avail.

This might be the most recent scenario, but there have been several other scenarios where the promotional activity and the comments made during them became more famous than the movie itself. While it might be important to promote a film, it doesn’t need to be to an extent where the film is forgotten and the promotional controversy is all that is remembered.

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