Sunny Deol Takes Over Mythri’s Mega Movie

  • December 8, 2023 / 02:01 PM IST

Ravi Teja was initially set to work on a film under the direction of Gopichand Malineni for Mythri Movie Makers. However, due to concerns about the project’s extensive budget exceeding 100Cr, which Ravi Teja was unwilling to cut down on his remuneration for, the film got shelved. Despite this, the team believed strongly in the story but felt it might suit a senior hero better.

Surprisingly, the storyline that was originally intended for Ravi Teja has now reportedly been offered to Bollywood’s seasoned actor Sunny Deol. Mythri Movie Makers, impressed by Sunny Deol’s recent success with Gadar 2, have approached him to take on the project. Sunny Deol’s involvement means that budget constraints won’t be an issue for the production company.

Director Gopichand Malineni and Mythri Movie Makers had earlier collaborated on the successful film Krack, and their upcoming project, initially planned with Ravi Teja, was titled RT4GM. However, Ravi Teja’s unwillingness to compromise on his remuneration led to the project being put on hold.

If all negotiations proceed positively, an official announcement regarding Sunny Deol taking over the project is expected soon. This unexpected turn of events has created a buzz in Tollywood circles, leaving many surprised by the sudden switch from Ravi Teja to Sunny Deol for the film.

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