Sumanth says he wanted to avoid Subramanyapuram

Subramanyapuram film releasing on 7th December has Sumanth and Eesha Rebba in lead roles. Sumanth is playing a different role to all his previous films.

He talked about how he signed the project and said, “I wanted to avoid the story discussions and also, tell the director that I am not interested. As I heard the gist before, I thought these kind of movies are a big No for me!

But when the youngster started narration, I couldn’t let myself say stop to him as I was intrigued by the way he said. As I hate the genre, I fell in love with the narration and accepted the film.”

He also said that he enjoyed making the film throughout and wants to see the movie becoming a hit for his entire team’s benefit on 7th December. Santhosh Jagarlapudi directed the film.