Sreeleela and Neha Shetty: New Wave in Tollywood’s Actress Lineup

  • August 19, 2023 / 03:31 PM IST

Tollywood is abuzz with the consecutive successes of emerging actresses Sreeleela and Neha Shetty, both hailing from Bangalore. Their remarkable feat of releasing three films each has set them apart in the industry. Sreeleela’s upcoming ventures, such as “Skanda,” “Bhavanth Kesari,” and “Guntur Kaaram,” have generated substantial excitement, propelling her into the ranks of Tier-1 star heroines.

Similarly, Neha Shetty’s lineup, featuring films like “Bedurulanka 2012,” “Rules Ranjan,” and “Gangs Of Godavari,” has garnered attention, solidifying her as a frontrunner in the Tier-2 slot. These consecutive releases have sparked debates about their positions in the Tollywood actress hierarchy.

Sreeleela’s involvement in high-profile projects has positioned her as a potential No.1 contender, while Neha Shetty’s string of films showcases her growing influence in the Tier-2 category. The possibility of a couple of blockbusters in 2024 seems likely to propel their careers further.

In contrast, established actresses like Anushka, Shruti Haasan, Samantha, Anupama Parameswaran, and Mrunal Thakur have a film or two awaiting release. A single blockbuster could redefine their statuses as star heroines or even secure the No.1 spot. The dynamic landscape of Tollywood awaits the outcome of these actresses’ endeavors.

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