Siddha’s Saga: A Fearless warrior

The much-awaited and anticipated teaser, Siddha’s Saga, from Acharya, featuring Ram Charan as Siddha, has been released today. Directed by Koratala Siva, Acharya features Megastar Chiranjeevi in the lead role, while Ram Charan will be seen playing a key character in the film.

The teaser for Acharya was released some time ago, but only a glimpse into Ram Charan’s character was given back then. Now, audiences will get a chance to see his character properly. From the teaser, it is evident that Siddha is far from a hapless man, who fights for justice and believes in justice as well. Pooja Hegde can also be seen in the teaser, for a few seconds.

The main highlight of the teaser comes towards the end, where Chiranjeevi and Ram CHaran can be seen on a riverbank, standing across a pair of leapords. the parallel picture of the leopards and the father-son duo is going to be a huge treat for Mega fans to watch.