Shankar taking a huge risk with RC15?

Ram Charan is currently busy shooting for his film with director Shankar, and the film is said to be a political drama. Kiara Advani is the leading lady in this film, which also features an ensemble cast that includes Prabhu, Srikanth, and several others.

On the other hand, the many problems that Shankar’s Indian 2 was faced with are nothing new to the audiences, including the legal case that Lyca had filed against Shankar for moving ahead with Charan’s film without completing Indian 2. Things eventually settled down, and an agreement was reached, where Shankar agreed to resume shooting for Indian 2 once he was done with Charan’s film.

As a result, Shankar was planning on completing shooting for Ram CHaran’s film and get it ready for release in Summer 2023, but that doesn’t to be the case right now. Hence, the director is said to have decided to split his time between Indian 2 and CHaran’s film hereon, with ten days for each film in a month. Juggling two films at the same time is not going to be an easy task, and there’s also a risk factor associated with it, wherein the director could end up ruining both the films. It is now to be seen if this risk that Shankar is taking will turn out to be a disaster or a good one.

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