Shakuntala Devi trailer alike “Sanju”!

Sanjay Dutt had a torturous life due to his drug addiction and bad boy image. Everyone were eager to make him look like a villain without giving him chance to explain himself, at times. For crimes he committed and he did not commit, he had to always face scrutiny. So, Raj Kumar Hirani decided to make the biopic on him as fun film with all the emotional weightage intact.

Now, we see Shakuntala Devi being made on similar lines trying to make the mathematical genius, a more outspoken person oblivious to her daughter’s feelings. At least, the trailer gives such a vibe. The presentation looks too hip for a film that is about a person with dreams and genius level intellect. Not that every film has to follow one set of rules but the trailer doesn’t present the movie as an unique story of a genius person. It just seems to have some artificial sugar-iness while the situations don’t demand such a treatment.

But it can all come together in a film. Vidya Balan looks really good and slightly OTT. Anu Menon directed the film and it will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on 31st July, 2020.