The teaming up of Allu Arjun with Boyapati Srinu has been one of the most discussed because of how unconventional the pairing is. With their different style of work well-known to all, it would only be worth imagining how they are together.

Story : Gana (Allu Arjun) is a youngster who left the military and is jobless. His uncle (Srikanth) pampers him and doesn’t stop him from putting goons to justice. Life takes a turn when he meets the local MLA (Catherine Tresa) who he falls in love with. But there’s something about Janu (Rakul Preet) which is yet to come to light.
Analysis: No one can deny that Allu Arjun completely owns the screen as he is an absolute entertainer. however, there’s not much to say if he is a nuanced performer or not. Catherine Tresa impresses shows spark but the script does not give her a chance to perform. For the first time, she was seen as a de-glam look and the audience wished she had more screen time. Rakul Preet as the village belle puts up a decent performance but it is certainly not a movie which gives her much caliber to perform

Performances : Allu Arjun is a livewire as always. But that’s about it. Though Catherine, Rakul and several others give a decent act, they are lost amidst undefined characters which are very badly written.

Verdict : This film is completely for the masses. The punches, kicks, dialogues, songs and even the body language of Arjun is an evidence to that. This film aims to appease his growing fan base and that’s all. There’s no evidence of logic bit that’s not expected from a commercial film anywhere. But we’d at least like a story to go with it! Don’t we?