RGV Deyyam Movie Review

Director Ram Gopal Varma’s long-delayed horror drama, Deyyam is releasing on April 16th. Starring Rajasekhar in the key role, the film was premiered exclusively for the press last night. Let’s check how it goes.

Story: Mechanic Shankar’s ( Rajasekhar) daughter Vijji (Swathi Deekshith), a college-going girl starts witnessing imaginary incidents in her life. Eventually, Shankar and his family come to the conclusion that Vijji’s body gets possessed by a ghost. Why did the ghost choose Vijji’s body? What is the main motive behind the ghost’s move? How will Shankar rescue his daughter Vijji from the dangerous situation, forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Actress Swathi Deekshith did her role perfectly as she did the role which has various variations quite impressively.

Rajasekhar is okay a middle-aged man and has nothing great to talk about his performance. Anitha Chowdary and other artists, who did a key role in the film gave a decent performance in their respective roles.

In general, Rajasekhar will have voice support from other actors in all his films but in Deyyam almost every artiste voice is a dubbed one and miserly fails to sync with the intention and seriousness in the plotline.

Technicalities: As usual, Ram Gopal Varma disappoints with his low standard directional work. Looks like, he just made the film to introduce Swathi Deekshith as actresses because nothing other than her acting impresses the audience.

Editing work is not up to the mark and so is the case of the cinematography by Satish Muthyaala. For horror genre films, background score and sound mixing should be the backbone, but sadly the work handled by DSR is despicable.

Production values for this low-grade movie are awful.

Analysis: Right from the word go, Deyyam offers nothing great to the audience. The low-paced narration and dull screenplay will leave the audience literally in irrigation.

Expect for the last twenty minutes where Swathi Deekshith acting skills enhanced, the rest of the film is a total mess with a lack of gripping presentation. The main intention behind the ghost entering into Vijji’s body has not been showcased or at least briefed in the proceedings.

To put it in simple words, Deyyam is a miserable attempt by RGV and his team as it is filled with outdated and tedious narration.

Verdict: Horrible horror drama

Rating: 1.5/5

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