Rang De Movie Review

Nithiin who has faced a flop last month with Check is back with yet another movie. He is back to the romantic comedy genre titled Rang De. Keerthy Suresh paired opposite him. Venky Atluri of Tholi Prema and Mr. Majnu fame has directed it and Sithara Entertainments have produced the film. Rang De got released today. Let us see how the movie is.

Story: Arjun (Nithiin) and Anu (Keerthy Suresh) know each other since childhood. Anu teases Arjun on every occasion. There used to be a comparison between the two in every aspect. Arjun hates Anu for the same reason. However, Arjun had to marry Anu in some circumstances and his troubles only get increased. Anu tortures him a lot.

Why is Anu behaving like that? What might be the reason? What happens at the end?

Performances: Nithiin is in his elements in this movie. He looks good and has performed well as who is being tortured for the most part of the movie. Keerthy Suresh has dominated Nithiin in few scenes. She is particularly good at emotional sequences. However, she looks so lean. Naresh has got a good character. He has good scope in comedy and serious sequences. Vennela Kishore has got a good character and he has provided few laughs. Abhinav Gomatam and Suhas are good as Nithiin’s buddies. Brahmaji shared few laughs when he is on screen. Rohini is too good as the heroine’s mother.

Technicalities: Technically, Rang De is very strong. Especially, PC Sreeram weaved magic onscreen. Every visual looked stunning and colorful. Devi Sri Prasad has worked for a romantic entertainer for a long time and his work is superb. He has given good variations in the music and all the songs look good. Even the background music is excellent. Editing is sharp. The story is routine and the screenplay is light-hearted. The production values are rich.

Director Venky Atluri has taken up a light-hearted romantic entertainer which has nothing new to offer in terms of story. But he has made sure the scenes are light-hearted for the most part of the movie. The runtime is crisp. Though the emotional sequences didn’t give the required feel, the director has done a decent job.

Analysis: As said, Rang De is a story we have watched many times in Tollywood and other languages. But Venky Atluri made sure the scenes aren’t boring. If you want a nice time pass entertainer then Rang De can be your choice. But if you are up for any different drama, then the same film is not your pick this weekend.

Rating :3/5 (Time Pass Romantic Entertainer)

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