Raja Vaaru Rani Garu

Raja Vaaru Rani Garu is a small film that won many hearts with its emotional trailer. The film is out after a lot of publicity. Here is our review of it.

Story: The film is based on the lives of Raja and Rani played by Kiran Abbavarm and Rahasya Gorak respectively. They are childhood classmates and Raja is in neck-deep love with Nani but does not propose to her because of the fear of rejection. So, he waits for years just to express his love for her. Times flies by and even Rani comes back to his village after studies. At least this time, will he reveal his love and what happens, in the end, is the crux of the film.

Performances: Kiran Abbavaram gets a subdued role and he plays it with a lot of ease. The pain he undergoes in love, the young actor showcases it well. But the sole attraction of the film is the hero’s two friends Chowdary and Naidu. These two actors work in tandem and create a healthy atmosphere in the film. They create a new meaning of friendship an evoke superb laughs till the end. The guy who played Chowdary is a step ahead and has superb comedy timing. Heroine Rahasya is gorgeous and plays her silent role through her eyes.


Routine Story
Lack of Drama

Analysis: The film has its heart in its right place as the director has maintained a simple line so well till the end. The small-town love stories, how friends go after girls and what problems they face have been shown so well by the director Ravi Kiran so nicely.

The first half is filled with so many romantic and fun moments that keep you hooked. The comedy generated by the hero’s friends is also very good. But the director could not add more drama in the second half and this is where the film slows down. The hero does not express his love in many attempts and that looks over the top.

The climax is ended well and the music and background score helps it a lot. The film is a very cute product that has its own time to unravel and director Ravi Kiran needs to be appreciated for his debut attempt which is slow in pace but will not disappoint you if you accept the routine storyline.

Rating: 2.75/5

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