Raja Raja Chora Teaser talk

Sree Vishnu is one actor whose every project interests and intrigues the audiences very much. He always chooses interesting and out of the box scripts, which keep the audiences entertained. There’s been a lot of buzz around his upcoming film Raja Raja Chora, and the teaser of the film has been released today.

The opening of Raja Raja Chora’s teaser itself highly interesting, starting off with Nityananda’s speech about him talking to himself. It looks as though our lead character. We see him burgling things from various places in a montage and his love life. We see that he’s friends with an old woman and that a policeman is interested in and doubtful of him due to some unknown reasons. The chemistry between the lead and his father, played by Ajay Ghosh, seems to highly interesting and a major USP of the film.

On the whole, the teaser of Raja Raja Chora is highly interesting and entertaining, with a lot of promise. The release date of the film is yet to be announced. Raja Raja Chora is directed by Hasith Goli and has Megha Akash and Sunainaa in the lead roles along with Sree Vishnu. Bigg Boss fame Gangavva, Srikanth Iyengar and actor-director Ravi Babu play important roles in the film.