Race for Sankranthi 2023 already begins!

Everyone is currently busy celebrating the Sankranthi festival this year, and while it is less festive than expected, with the increasing number of coronavirus and omicron cases, everyone’s enjoying their festive time. Tollywood had been planning for this year’s Sankranthi from last year itself, with a number of films announced to be released this year.

While everything was put in place for the release of two major films for this season – RRR and Radhe Shyam, they had to be ultimately postponed due to the increasing number of cases in the country. While not many film industries in the country have dared to have any releases for this season, Tollywood continues to go ahead with a few small releases.

In the meantime, the planning for Sankranthi 2023 has already begun, with producer Dil Raju reportedly planning to release Ram Charan and Shankar’s upcoming film for next year’s Sankranthi. It is now to be seen what other films will announce their release for Sankranthi 2023.

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