Producers being wearier of projects

It is an undeniable fact every actor, director, and other main technicians associated with a film are very much affected when a film doesn’t turn out to be a success. However, it is the producer of the film that is the most affected, as he/she is the one who stands to lose the most. Not only do they not make money, but they lose a lot in return.

In recent months, especially in the last six months, movies haven’t really been doing well, especially theatrical releases, which are failing to entertain the audience; as a result of which, they are being removed from theatres within a month and can easily be found on an OTT platform within no time. While the producer does make some money from the OTT deal, it is most often not enough to cover the costs.

As a result, it is being said that all major producers in Tollywood are currently being wearier of their upcoming projects, and some have even reportedly put a lot of their upcoming films on hold.

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