Police Complaint lodged on Nagababu

Nagababu, active political party member of Janasena and popular television judge of comedy shows, producer of films like Orange, Bavagaru Bagunnara & an actor – posted a tweet about his respect for Nathuram Godse and praised him as a patriot. He said in his original tweet that he wouldn’t judge the man for his one criminal act of killing Gandhiji, which is a crime or not in actuality, he deemed it as debatable. His tweet got more political traction than ever and he went on media channels to explain his view.

He then issued an apology and clarification saying that if his choice of words have hurt anyone, then that is not his intention. He said that he just wanted to say his view on Godse and calling him a patriot doesn’t mean that he supports his every action, that too, killing of Mahatma Gandhi. Even after his explanation a Congress politician has decided to lodge police complaint against him. Osmania University police have lodged the complaint and they are investigating.

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