Pawan begins yet another new trend

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is known to be a trendsetter of sorts, in Tollywood, having introduced several trends throughout his career. Pawan is one of the most beloved movie stars that Tollywood has ever seen, and is one of the biggest stars in India, with his fans worshipping him as a demigod.

As is very commonly known, Pawan is known as Powerstar, and all of his films have featured his name preceded by the tag Powerstar. However, the latest reports suggest that Pawan has requested all of his filmmakers to strip the name, and simply address him as Pawan Kalyan in all of their future events and titles cards, and otherwise as well. The reasons for this special request aren’t known, but it sure is surprising to see that Pawan doesn’t want to be known as Powerstar anymore.

Given that Pawan is being quite active in Andhra Pradesh politics, there are speculations that PK didn’t want any tags to make him feel more normal. On the other hand, with this request, Pawan has officially become the first actor in Tollywood to distance himself from a tag. This is indeed a trend, and it is to be seen what the reason for this request could be, and if any other actors in Tollywood will follow suit.

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