Nishabdam ends up disappointing fans!

Anushka took time to accept a film after Super hit thriller, Bhagamathie. She accepted Nishabdam and the movie took time to finish production. Producers changed the date from early January 2020 to early Summer this year. But Covid-19 Pandemic did not help them in releasing the film as per their earlier plans.

After long deliberation they released the film on OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video, on 2nd October. Movie became a huge disappointment for the fans of the actress. The rushed up quality to the edit and Anushka not having much screen-time did not help the matters, either. With Madhavan, Anjali, Michael Madsen among the cast fans expected an engaging thriller but it ended up being a dud. They are more disappointed with Anushka choosing such a script after Baahubali, Bhagamathie kind of successes. Hope, she comes back stronger and with a film that will please everyone.

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