NBK: A force to be reckoned with

Today, Nandamuri Balakrishna is celebrating his 62nd birthday, and his fans are celebrating the occasion with Jai Balayya slogans. Balakrishna is the only actor in the industry to have the kind of unique following he does, where Jai Balayya slogans are taken up ahead of films featuring other actors, and even ahead of Hollywood films.

While Balakrishna may have entered the industry as the son of the legendary NTR, he came out of his father’s shadow a long time ago. Balayya has come to be known as the man of the masses, one title that he has always held throughout his career. While many of his contemporaries failed to keep up their massy image throughout their careers, Balayya pulled it off effortlessly.

Balayya’s off-screen persona also plays a major part in the actor’s craze among fans and general audiences alike. While being infamous for his temper, he is equally known for his childlike antiques, and the way he openly expresses his thoughts. The actor is currently busy with director Gopichand Malineni’s film, and will start working on Anil Ravipudi’s film after that.

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