Mr. Majnu Movie Review

Akhil Akkineni with Venky Atluri tried to deliver a romance that completely works on the basis of its lead characters. Can this movie be his first box office success? Let’s discuss …

Plot:: An young girl, Nikki (Niddhi Agerwal) wants to marry a good guy who loves her for who she is and also change for her. But universe decides to let her meet a flirt, Vikram Krishna (Majnu). She even though hates him, follows him around and even become a relative.

She falls in love with him after she gets to know who is he and what his character is. But then Vikky feels frustrated with her neediness and controlling attitude. So, she leaves him and he follows her. Will she accept his apology and love? Watch the movie for answers

Performances:: Akhil Akkineni has a charming screen presence but he is still miles behind in image to play such a charmer role with ease. He tried his best and we can see that on screen. But the actor seemed to be highly confused by the director and he is inconsistent too.

Niddhi Agerwal couldn’t really handle a highly conflicted female character and she is the most weakest part of the film. Nagababu, Sitara, Pavitra Lokesh, Rao Ramesh, Hyper Aadhi and Priyadarshi are highly under-utilised.

Technicalities:: SS Thaman is one of the busiest composers but he did re-use some of his Tholiprema tunes for this movie. Even in BGM he used some of his recent tunes. Still, he is good.

Navin Nooli did one of his worst works for the movie. He just couldn’t assemble a neat cut thoroughly. In many scenes, his edit failed to carry the essence as well.

George Williams as a Cinematographer tried to give the movie tone and vibrance but his images weren’t as good and as consistent as his previous works.

Venky Atluri as a writer and director tried to make a different romance that follows all the commercial rules but he seemed to have made the film in heist and urgency than as well-planned as his previous film, Tholiprema. His characters did not have a complete arc and he failed to really find a correct track to give the romance between the characters completeness.

Even the comedy is very inconsistent and few dialogues are good but many are just too random. The director just couldn’t handle the story as well as he wanted to, even though he proved to be better than what he did in the movie, in his previous film.

Analysis:: The movie is an amalgamation of many popular romances and it just doesn’t come together in any scene. The director and his team looked really under stress and in a hurry than really planned in their approach. This is a hurried and confused attempt by the team.

In his haste to tell a story about two opposites coming together, director failed to maintain a consistency and his female character is completely confused and very undercooked. This movie could have been a better romance but it failed to be a cohesive piece of work.

Rating: 1.5/5