Manchu Vishnu shares the new agenda of MAA

Manchu Vishnu won as the President of MAA in the recently conducted elections, with a vast majority of votes, surprising everyone. He even very recently took an oath as the President of MAA. In the lead up to the elections, Vishnu released his panel’s manifesto, which listed out the many agendas that his panel had, and was ready to implement if voted for.

Vishnu has now made a statement about another point that wasn’t mentioned in the manifesto. It is common knowledge that YouTube channels can go to any length to get a good number of views, often resorting to highly offensive click baits. Vishnu and his family have fallen prey, and continue to do so even now, with several channels trolling the Manchu family.

Several other celebrities are also subjected to this kind of treatment. Vishnu said that he is planning to establish a legal cell and that he would very soon do that, whose sole purpose would be to take legal action against those who target individuals and make offensive comments on them.