Manchu Vishnu responds on MAA building

Manchu Vishnu, at the time of campaigning for the President of MAA, promised to get a building constructed, especially for MAA. Despite it being six months since he won, the actor didn’t make any other announcement regarding the same, apart from the fact that he was looking at three lands for the building, and one land would be finalised.

Now, Vishnu has said that he has locked the land and that the groundbreaking ceremony would take place within six months. On the other hand, when asked about his opinion on the ticket prices in the Telugu states, especially in Telangana, where the prices are going very high, Vishnu said that he prefers not to comment on the topic.

The MAA elections were the talk of the town, at the time, with Vishnu making several comments on Prakash Raj, who was the other candidate for the role of the president. After much drama, Vishnu and his panel won the elections.

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