Major and Vikram: Another nail in the coffin?

Three films were released on June 3rd, Major, Vikram, and Prithviraj. Akshay Kumar’s Prithviraj didn’t have a lot of buzz surrounding it ahead of its release, but it was expected to open to really good numbers and sustain at the box office. However, this hasn’t been happening since its release. While the film hasn’t received bad reviews, it hasn’t been receiving great reviews either. It’s almost as though audiences and critics are completely indifferent to the movie.

On the other hand, Vikram and Major are ruling the box office, with Major picking up in the North belt from the second day, following a very good word of mouth. Vikram is being called a unique achievement on its own, having brought to the audience a very raw, intense, and a real piece of entertainment. At a time when there are unending debates over which cinema is better or more superior, two south movies have once again trumped Bollywood cinema, probably digging another nail into the coffin.

A very prominent aspect that’s to be noted this time around is that there’s been absolute silence from Bollywood regarding the success of Major and Vikram, unlike when everyone was pouring out congratulatory wishes during RRR.

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