Mahesh wants to stay as an actor only

These days, actors are turning into politicians or being affiliated to politics in some or the other way, as there is a void in the strong leadership in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Many issues have been sidelining the existing parties and people are expecting some fresh blood into the old veins. Mahesh Babu at such a time, brought a movie like Bharat Ane Nenu, which became a huge hit and also gave him an identity of CM Bharat. But the actor is unfazed by it, still.

He at the success meet in Vijayawada said, “My fans think I am looking at politics and few want me to enter. They are not my come of tea. I will act and live as an actor until I die. Dookudu, Pokiri and Okkadu success celebrations happened in Vijayawada and soon, Bharat Ane Nenu event will also happen here. If any Telugu film, becomes a hit in Vijayawada, it manages to become hit elsewhere as well. I am happy with the result and highly thankful to all of you people.”

He later went to Tirupathi, visited Lord Venkateswara Temple and said, “When we have blessings of Lord Balaji, we can achieve anything. My father is my role model and I hope I can become a good father to my kids. I thank you people, for making our film a big hit.” Koratala Siva also expressed gratitude to fans and said that they will one day make a big celebratory success event in Tirupathi for their future feature film.