Mahaveerudu Movie Review and Rating

  • July 14, 2023 / 05:07 PM IST

Cast & Crew

  • Sivakarthikeyan (Hero)
  • Aditi Shankar (Heroine)
  • Saritha, Mysskin, Sunil, Yogi Babu (Cast)
  • Madonne Ashwin (Director)
  • Arun Viswa (Producer)
  • Bharath Sankar (Music)
  • Vidhu Ayyanna (Cinematography)

The Telugu version of Maaveeran, the newest film by Sivakarthikeyan, has just been released. Before it was released, the movie created respectable hype.

Story:  Satya (Sivakarthikeyan), a newspaper cartoonist, and his family reside in a slum. Everyone in the slum has access to government-provided apartments, but they are of poor quality. Due to a problem, Satya, a coward, loses his job, makes a suicide attempt, but is saved. He then begins to hear a voice inside himself that speaks prophecies. In the meantime, he runs afoul of Minister Jayasurya (Mysskin). The following events are depicted in the film, including whether Satya determines the origin of the inner voice and his approach to the minister.

Performance: Although the narration is great at the beginning of the story, the second half tends to drag and lose its intrigue. Despite the narrative’s use of humor and action, viewers’ interest is not maintained.

Mahaveerudu may have been a more entertaining movie if the filmmaker had thought about cutting the running duration and eliminating pointless parts.

Aditi Shankar has a small part and makes few appearances in the second half. Sunil’s personality could have been more fully realized. The musical score is mediocre, and the songs are forgettable.

Technicalities: Madonne Ashwin’s writing and directing are good technically, but a stronger screenplay in the second half would have improved the movie’s result. While the dubbing is excellent, the film’s music and cinematography are both above average. To speed up the general pace, the editor may have cut some sluggish moments. The quality of the production is acceptable.

Analysis: Director Madonne Ashwin takes a straightforward narrative and intrigues it by giving the lead character an element of delusion.

Sivakarthikeyan, who is recognized for taking on a variety of characters, gives a strong performance as a shy person in Mahaveerudu. It’s admirable that he can make serious situations humorous through his acts.

The comedy in the film is largely due to Yogi Babu and Sivakarthikeyan, who have several amusing scenes together.

Along with the rest of the ensemble, especially Sarita, who bring their own characters to life, Mysskin also excels in a well-executed role.

Verdict: Overall, Sivakarthikeyan’s action comedy Mahaveerudu works to a certain level. Positive parts include Sivakarthikeyan’s outstanding performance and the first half’s passable humor. However, the second half’s drab narration creates some dull spots. This weekend, you might want to think about viewing this movie if you don’t mind a slower tempo and sporadic humor.

Rating: 2.5/5

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